West End's Best- - In Search of the West End's Best Salads

(March/April 2009)

At Palani Drive, you have to ask yourself - are you sure this is healthy? It's that good! Everything at Palni Drive, including salad dressings, is made from scratch with fresh ingredients, which you csn tell with every bite. Choose from the Palani, Caesar, Greek, Luau or Santa Fe salads. With each salad, you can also add grilled chicken, grilled tilapia, ginger tuna salad, or chicken salad to your plate. After trying the Santa Fe and Luau salads, it's obvious that the chefs at Palani Drive know their way around a salad.

The Santa Fe salad is everything you want a salad to be; every bite is fresh and flavorful, bursting with black beans, corn, cheese, tomato, green peppers, and onions. The salad is topped with fresh salsa so you don't even need dressing, but do yourself a favor and try a little of Palani Drive's homemade ranch.

The Luau salad made with mixed greens, pineapple, bacon, tomato, and cucumber, is as good as it sounds. The bacon and pineapple come together for a unique, salty-sweet flavor. Dressing options include fat-free ginger miso, wasabi, ranch, and Greek dressing, which are all made from scratch.

You can also try the Caesar and Greek salads wrapped inside a fresh tortilla. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better - all of the salads cost under $6.50!