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Richmond Magazine - Best Burgers, November 2009

Palani Drive - Veggie Burger
Grab onto this veggie burger with both hands. It's huge and a little sloppy, with a moist, chunky center. Corn, green peppers and onions play well with black beans, and fresh toppings with a whole wheat bun make this a winner. Ask for a side of salsa to add a little zip. 


West End's Best - In Search of the West End's Best Salads, March/April 2009

 At Palani Drive, you have to ask yourself - are you sure this is healthy? It's that good! Everything at Palani Drive, including salad dressings, is made from scratch with fresh ingredients, which you can tell with every bite. Choose from the Palani, Caesar, Greek, Luau or Santa Fe salads. With each salad, you can also add grilled chicken, grilled tilapia, ginger tuna salad, or chicken salad to your plate. After trying the Santa Fe and Luau salads, it's obvious that the chefs at Palani Drive know their way around a salad. (more...)


Work Magazine - Eating Green, Fall 2007

When athletes hear the words Palani Drive, heartbeats quicken, blood pumps faster, muscles begin to rhythmically flex. This maybe accompanied by a series of tough "he-person" grunts.

Palani Drive, for those unfamiliar athletes, is the homestretch of the Ironman Kona, Hawaii. When people from the region hear the words Palani Drive, heartbeats quicken and blood pumps faster. This is always accompanied by the smacking of one's lips and occasional drool. Palani Drive for regional locals is the home of great healthy vegetarian food and a laid-back atmosphere on Libbie Avenue. (more...)


Richmond Magazine - Best Exotic Milkshake or Smoothie, August 2004

Editor's Pick
Take bananas, blueberries, mango juice and ice, dump it in a blender, pulse till smooth, and you've got out favorite smoothie - the Mango Monkey. For just $2.95 (note: now priced at $3.85), you get a filling, healthy drink that'll tide you over until your next meal or, in a pinch, that can serve as your next meal.

Best List #37 - Funky Monkey Smoothie
Few things are as fun to say as "funky monkey." The moniker is as goofy as the beverage it names is satisfying. For fans of the chocolate-peanut butter combination, the smoothie drink is the ultimate. Palani Drive offers an extensive line of smoothies, wraps and salads that unite flavor with a healthy approach to eating. The funky monkey, with its touch of chocolate and dollop of peanut butter, is among the more extravagant options on the menu at the California-style eatery.

For a taste of a funky monkey, simply combine the following in a blender:

1 banana, cut into four pieces
1 cup ice
4 ounces chocolate syrup
2 tablespoons peanut butter
8 ounces skim milk